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New Town Coffee supply hand made Italian Bosco Lever Espresso Coffee Machines

Bosco has been designing and hand-crafting professional lever espresso machines in the heart of Naples since 1960.

The refined designs, exacting choice of quality materials and rigorous attention to detail of their machines gain from practically unlimited possibilities for customisation to make them unique.

Building on Naples’ long standing coffee tradition with the finest technology, a Bosco brings you a fragrant espresso, rich in crema, which expresses the full potential of your chosen bean or blend.

Bosco’s elegant lever system, proven design solutions and robust components have been refined over more than half a century to combine minimal maintenance and reassuring reliability with an ease of use that ensures peerless extraction quality consistently from the very first shot.

Thanks to a passion for excellence, the name Bosco continues to be synonymous with superlative espresso, and their machines increasingly valued worldwide.